Hello my naughty Furieans! This is the bit you've been waiting for, a few tasty titbits about me. You don't get much of that on my show's because they're not about me, they're about you and your music.

I exploded onto the internet radio scene in 2015 when Steve from CrowZone Radio invited me to create an hour long show on a Friday evening to appeal to the 'getting ready to go out/stay in' demographic. It took time, sweat and tears to get to 'The Midnight Hour' as you know it today but I'm happy to consider that show a finished product. In September 2018 Metal Meyhem Radio picked up the show and hopefully many more stations will follow in their footsteps.

In late 2018 I was inspired to create a show based around my main musical temptation, METAL! Hence 'Midnight's Metal Grinder' was born, where every month I go granular on the month's metal scene with a new co-host.


My musical tastes are eclectic. While I play certain genre's for my shows my personal taste goes from classical to pop, rap, glitch hop, blues, soul to rock and especially METAL! Yeah, at heart I'm a Metal Head lol

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I believe that music can heal and it's helped me soothe my troubled soul many times. In curating and playing the tracks I carefully select each week I hope to bring some of that to you, as well as promoting indie artists and bands from all over the World.

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May 1st, 2019

CrowZone Radio turns 5!

April 26, 2019

Thank you to The Saplings from Liverpool, UK, for being my Band of the Month! Loving your raw punk rock sound and looking forward to more.

April 14, 2019

Thanks Dr Scythe for being my co-host on this month's 'Midnight's Metal Grinder'. I enjoyed talking all things metal, German and Skyrim!

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