The Midnight Hour

The Midnight Hour

'The Midnight Hour' was created by Midnight Furie in June 2015 and first appeared on CrowZone Radio on 26th June 2015. The Midnight Hour radio show moved to Metal Meyhem Radio in August 2019.

This is a multi-genre show with tracks from dance and bass house to rock and metal and most things in between. Submissions from indie artists and bands are strongly encouraged, especially for the Band/Artist of the Month feature. Email

Metal Meyhem Radio

'The Midnight Hour' with Midnight Furie is on Metal Meyhem Radio every Sunday at 5pm UK time. Go to www.metalmeyhemradio and click on your chosen listening method.

Past Shows

Click HERE.

Band/Artist of the Month

This feature is open to any Band/Artist created within 5 years of this year and who are releasing new material this month. Email with your EPK and audio files if you're interested.