Midnight's Metal Grinder

Midnight's Metal Grinder

'Midnight's Metal Grinder' was created by Midnight Furie in August 2018 and is presented by Midnight Furie on Metal Meyhem Radio. This show is every third Sunday of the month at 9pm UK time and features a new co-host every month. 'Midnight's Metal Grinder'; where we go granular on the month's metal scene. For past shows click here.

Midnight's Metal Grinder Co-Host

To co-host Midnight's Metal Grinder you need to be able to record your voice, and your voice only, separately to our conversation. After our conversation, you'll need to send a copy of your voice recording to midnightsmetalgrinder@midnightfurie.uk

Please don't do anything to the recording, my sound engineer will do everything necessary.

The format is that of an informal interview where we'll talk about you, you band, you music and your plans for the future while reviewing brand-new tracks hand-curated from this month's offerings.

You will be emailed a TREATMENT which contains the tracks that will be reviewed as well as the questions you'll be asked. It's important that you listen to the tracks and have a few words to say about each one.

The only caveat for the show is to not use 'Fuck' during our conversation. Please be honest in your review of the tracks for the show.

If you have any questions, ask away.